Warbler Woods ESA

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is in the air!  Time to get outside and get rid of that cabin fever.  A few weeks ago, we needed to get our little guy outside.  We packed the dog and him up in the van and drove out to Warbler Woods Environmentally Significant Area for a little hike.  We parked at the main entrance near Commissioners Road and Oxford St W and hiked south into the wooded area on the map below.  Warbler Woods is owned and maintained by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.  You can view the Warbler Woods hiking trail map here.

View larger map.

This is a somewhat challenging little hike!  There are several areas of steep terrain that are definitely not suitable for a stroller.  We always use a soft-structured carrier such as a Tula or the OnyaBaby (which Tom is wearing in the photos below) to carry the little guy on a hike.  Although that day he was not happy about being strapped to dad's back and decided to let us know about it.  Needless to say it was not much of a hike.  We walked around for a bit and then turned around and made a snowman near the parking lot.  Molly had more fun than anyone.  And with the perfect packing snow she became a bit of a snow ball machine.


 There are so many awesome areas to explore in London.  Get outside this spring!

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