Thursday, October 31, 2013

Perhaps only my family will understand that post title, but bonus points for those that get it!

We are getting into the home stretch of this pregnancy and things are getting uncomfortable. Weekly visits to the chiropractor are definitely helping but I also have to remind myself to just slow down and rest sometimes. I have been very lucky that everything is going smoothly so far and baby's head is DOWN! Can't believe we will be 36 weeks on Friday!

We are almost done the nursery with great help from my mom! She painted the dresser and helped me hang the bee-themed gallery wall (catch a sneak peek on my instagram feed). Yesterday we hung shelves on the opposite wall and had fun finding knick-knacks to put on them. It was also really special to have her come to my midwife appointment. She loved hearing the baby's heartbeat and meeting my wonderful midwife. A great birthday gift for her!

I've been a little behind in providing belly shot updates, so here you go!

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