Vertical Garden: Sponsored by Natrel Organic

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A few weeks ago I was approached by Natrel Organic to build a fun little project: a vertical garden. They sent me the materials to create the garden and all I had to do was buy the soil and plants! Fun right?!

I wasn't quite sure what to except but was delighted to see that Natrel had sourced the pots from a Canadian plastics company in Quebec - DCN Plastic. The system of pots is actually pretty neat as they are "self-watering". The bottom of the planter is designed to retain a bit of extra water and drain out any excess through the hole in the side. Kudos to Natrel for providing materials that are actually Made in Canada!

Sourcing vegetable plants in July is a bit difficult, but I made a trip out to Heeman's Garden Centre and picked up a few herbs (sage, thyme, and summer savory), some hot pepper plants, and a few perennials.

The other issue was where on earth to hang the vertical garden. It turns out six pots of soil and plants ends up being quite heavy! I didn't want to have the soffit of our house come crashing down so I found a metal rod (leftover from an old shoe organizer) and rigged something up on the front porch. I just used some zip-ties to attach the white rod to the front porch railing and then hung the chain which was provided in the vertical garden kit. The pots are attached to the chain with S-hooks. So far everything is still standing so I guess it worked!

Thanks to Natrel Organic for a fun project! Please check out their website to find out more about their organic initiatives including building Bee Hotels!

Note: Natrel Organic provided me with the pots and chains for this project but I was not required to post about it on this blog. All opinions on the products and materials are my own.

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