Platform Bed Frame

Friday, July 19, 2013

The guest bedroom in the basement is what Tom likes to call the "Outlaw Suite". It's not very big but at least gives us some space to throw a mattress on the floor. Except my parents (who use the room most often) started complaining about having to get up from this low mattress on the floor - so my dad and I came up with a plan to build a platform bed frame.

The problem with the basement is that nothing large will fit down the small staircase. The only options we had for a queen size mattress were to purchase a split box spring, or build something in the room that would never come out again...

I found this 'Hailey Platform Bed' project over on that worked out to be about $100 worth of wood and materials instead of $400+ for a split box spring. Plus, my dad and I like to build things.

I'm not going to go into details of how we built it since the tutorial above explains it all, but we omitted the headboard and sized the plans up to fit a Queen-size mattress.

You can see where this basement bedroom is on our House Floor Plan.

Like I mentioned above, we followed the instructions for the 'Hailey Platform Bed' project over on She has great instructions and lots of example pictures. The only problem I have with this bed frame (and it's probably just me because I'm accident-prone) is that I bash my shin off the corner of the frame every-single-time I make the bed. I still have a scratch and bruise from the last time!

As you can see the room is FAR from decorator fantastic, but it's functional for now.

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