July Garden Update

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time for our July garden update! Everything is growing in full force except for the zucchini. I don't know what happened to the zucchini, it flowered multiple times but never produced any fruit. Maybe the beans shaded it too much?

We just let the pole beans grow up the hedge. It's like a bean treasure hunt trying to find them! They are big and yellow and super tasty.

I just picked the first batch of bush beans last night. They are green but one side has almost a mottled red watercolour on it!

The tomato plants have grown so large that we had to reinforce the cages with some bamboo stakes. I picked up an 8-pack of bamboo stakes from Dollarama and created a tripod with them.

The severe heat in Ontario last week was not good for the garden! We were trying to water every day but it was just too much for the tomatoes and we have a lot of blossom end rot as a result. It looks like they are doing better this week with the cooler temperatures and resulting moisture retention.


The potatoes are almost done. We know this because the leaves are starting to yellow, and we can see the potatoes bulging out of the soil! We dug out one little corner and already we have some tasty potatoes to eat.

Overall, lots of success and some failures - as expected. We will see what August brings!

How is your garden growing?

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