Royal Botanical Gardens - Rock Garden

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tom and I enjoyed a visit to the Rock Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens this past weekend. It's such a unique place and the tulips right now are fantastic! Take your mom there this weekend for Mother's Day.

You can read more about the Rock Garden here and see the map I made for the RBG website when I was a summer student there!

View Rock Garden in a larger map

I seem to have an addiction to taking photos of flowers, especially tulips. They are definitely my favourite flower. Sorry in advance for the tulip photo overload - I just can't help myself!

This tulip was stunning.

I'm slowly teaching Tom how to use my fancy camera. He's really doing well now and was able to capture this bee!

Speaking of bees - check out this awesome honeycomb they built below the roadway underpass!

The weather has been perfect here in Ontario.  I'm not sure what happened to spring, but I'll take this summer weather any day!

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  1. tulips....Dutch......could be a connection. Ya think.


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