Aberfoyle Antique Market

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I heard about the Aberfoyle Antique Market a few years ago through my various blog reading. It's an outdoor market that runs every Sunday from May to October near Guelph, Ontario. Twice a year they have a big Saturday special show with over 150 dealers. So this year I dragged my mom out there (ya right - like she would pass up an antique market!) for a Mother's Day get together.

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We drove from London in the morning and arrived around 10:30am. It was still quite chilly and windy but the rain held off for the entire day. All in all we couldn't believe how huge this place was! It took us 6 hours to see everything.

Now that's a large flip-flop!

This was a really cute booth called "Love in the Afternoon".  They also run an Etsy shop too.

Vintage textiles and quilts are always a favourite. We told these ladies about our trip to McKay's Textiles and they wanted to go the next day!

This was a really interesting find: a 1918 book called "School-Girl Days - A Memory Book". It was full of hand-written momentos and beautiful little photographs. The gorgeous penmanship and poetic nature of the words was really beautiful.

This next booth was called "Dave's Old Advertising". Dave has a store in London and actually makes those metal letters from old barn roof tiles.

Mom and I are both suckers for old maps...so we spent a fair amount of time at this booth.

In the end, I came home with a few purchases.  This black rattan swivel chair (don't worry I'm going to recover the cushion!), a vintage wooden ladder (already hung on the wall - just need some decent pictures to share), and a few other things that will be gifts!

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