Seed Starting Update

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today I've got a seed starting update for you! About 2 weeks ago we planted a few seeds in a small windowsill garden to get started on our vegetable garden for the summer.

We had about a 50% success rate with the tomatoes and 1% with the onions.  I should have known the onion seeds would fail since they didn't work very well last year either.  But I thought I would give them another go just for fun.  Apparently germinating onion seeds is really difficult as we got 1 out of 18.

We bought some onion bulbs starters, so we will try those once the last frost has disappeared (which seems like never right about now!).

The baby tomatoes were getting a little out of control so I transplanted them each into a bigger container. I just used some generic plastic planters and a potting soil mixture I had left over from last year. I gave the pots a good wash with a little bleach for disinfectant.

To transplant the tomatoes, I removed the mesh casing from the peat puck and gently separated the soil to reveal the delicate tomato roots. Since three tomatoes sprouted in each peat puck, I was a bit worried the roots would start getting all tangled, but they separated pretty easily.

Now we have a cute little row of tomato plants on the kitchen window. They will go outside after the last frost and after we have acclimatized them for a few days.

Grow tomatoes grow!

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