Stratford Garden Festival

Monday, March 04, 2013

This weekend was the annual Garden Festival in Stratford, Ontario. Tom and I are starting to make plans for our vegetable garden this summer and we thought the Stratford Garden Festival would be a great place to start. So on Saturday we made the one hour trek to Stratford and had an amazing adventure!

We could smell Spring in the air with lots of fresh flowers and landscaping displays. But the highlight of our day was hearing Frankie Flowers (Frank Ferragine - Gardening and weather guy on CityTV's Breakfast Television Toronto) speak about the weird and wacky world of gardening. We even got to meet him afterwards and show him a picture of our balcony garden from last summer! He is an amazing public speaker and a really nice guy, so if you have the chance to meet him - do it! Sorry that second photo of us is blurry (Tom needs to work on his cellphone camera skills).

We have quite a few seeds leftover from our balcony garden from last year, but we picked up a few more seeds to expand our vegetable-seed-packet collection. Stay tuned for a full post on our garden plan and what we hope to plant this year. I'll leave you with some eye candy from the show. Spring is coming soon! But not soon enough in my opinion...

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