Spice Organization

Monday, March 18, 2013

A few years ago, our spice cupboard got a face lift. I don't have a before picture since I never thought I would be blogging...sorry! But you can probably guess what it looked like....lots of random spice bottles, plus two or three bags of the same thing (some of you can probably just look in your own cupboards/drawers for that image...wink). So one day I got fed up and and standardized all the spices into a small canning jar. We use a Canadian product, the 125mL Bernardin Mason Jar.

They are perfect! They stack with ease and you can just slide the stacks around to find what you need, and measuring spoons actually fit. It's also great for waste reduction, since we now buy our spices at the bulk food store. Some stores may even let you bring in your own container to fill. If we buy a little too much spice for the jar, these little bags all go into one big Ziploc bag, so we know exactly where to look when the jar is empty.  You could also put these in a drawer and label the top!

Here are some other great spice organizing ideas I'm loving:

Any other spice organization techniques out there?

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  1. Hi. I have a quick question, I'd like to do the same but I live in the US and the Kerr jars don't seem to stack very steady. Can you tell me how steady is the stack of the Bernardin jars? The ones here kinda wobble. Thanks so much for inspiration! Kamila

    1. The Bernardin Jars are great! They stack very well and I've never had a problem with them toppling over. I have mine stacked three high at the moment. The bottom of each jar fits pretty perfectly into the lid of the one below. Hope you can find some!


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