Let's Get Growing

Friday, March 29, 2013

Update:  See the results 2 weeks later!

What a beautiful day here in London! Tom and I explored our new neighbourhood on a brisk walk and we started some seeds for our garden. Starting seeds is like following a recipe.  Count back from the last frost date (May 9ish in our zone) and figure out when you can start your seeds. I picked up this windowsill greenhouse complete with peat pucks from Home Depot.

Today we planted: oregano, yellow and red onions, striped cavern tomatoes and mixed cherry tomatoes. We picked up these seeds last year at Seedy Saturday at the Evergreen Brick Works.

Basically the peat pucks expand when water is added to them, and then you just add the seeds. We like to put 2-3 seeds in each puck to make sure we get at least one seed germinated.  Make sure you label which pucks have which seeds! We just wrote it on the outside of the plastic planter.

The greenhouse will sit on our kitchen windowsill because it is a southern exposure and gets the most light.


Let's hope winter is behind us and spring is finally on her way. I'll update on the seedling germination process in the next few weeks! Happy Easter!

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