Komoka Provincial Park

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tom and I recently discovered there is a Provincial Park near London. Just after Christmas, we were shopping at the new Mountain Equiment Co-op in London and we started talking about hiking trails with one of the staff members. They mentioned we should definitely check out Komoka Provincial Park, just southwest of London.

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So on a warmish day in late January, Tom and I decided to venture over there. There is free parking near the intersection of Gideon Dr and Brigham Rd (blue droplet on map above) and park admission is also free.

This is a great park with awesome hiking trails for this area. You can hike down into the Thames River valley and there are actually some decent terrain changes to make things interesting (it's hard to find good hiking trails in Southwestern Ontario farm country!).

Last December I bought my first non-kit camera lens for my Canon T1i DSLR, a 50mm f/1.8. So far it has been a real challenge to get used to this lens. Since it is a fixed focal length lens, I have to move my body (instead of just zoom out my other lens) to get the image frame that I want. I am forcing myself to just use it and learn! But I definitely like the ability to take some non-flash photos in lower light settings.

Find the official Komoka Provincial Park trail map here.

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